A traditional car wash uses approximately 250 litres of water per vehicle. Add to this the use of chemicals having a negative impact on the environment.

In the end, it’s a heavy price to pay just to get your car clean! It is therefore with an environmental purpose in mind that MY CARWASH MOBILE operates.

 “Water cleans everything, but it is very difficult to clean water” (West African proverb).

A few figures…

In France, car washing accounts for 7% of the average drinking water consumption. 35 millions m3 of water are consumed each year in France to clean the few 30 millions of cars on the road, which is equivalent to the water contained in the Lake Maggiore straddling both Italy and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, water is unevenly distributed and unequally accessible – in the world, over 900 millions of people still don’t have access to drinking water.

The growth of the population and the global warming due to the human activity makes it an increasingly rare resource even in our temperate regions.


Methods applied for your vehicles

MY CARWAH MOBILE service meets the new environmental constraints. Our methods and our products are professional and designed for an optimal result.

Always more aware of the ecology, MY CARWASH MOBILE network uses cleaning methods that allow significant water savings.

Thanks to our steam equipment we are able to clean any dirty surface with a minimal quantity of water.

The gentle power of steam lifts dirt and disinfects seats, carpets, plastics and textiles.